What you need to get started with dip pen calligraphy!

When starting dip pen calligraphy, it can be a little intimidating to say the least! You may not know where to get supplies, or which supplies you need, and to be honest - it can be a little overwhelming! If you're reading this, chances are you are at the beginning of your calligraphy journey and I was there just 2 years ago! I picked up a calligraphy kit from Michaels and thought it was what I needed to get started and after an hour or so of not being able to make out one word that I had written, I called it quits for the time being. A few weeks later, not willing to admit to defeat, I started researching calligraphy supplies, how tos, you name it. I was determined to figure out why calligraphers made it look so seamless and graceful when I couldn't get more than a crooked line with ink splatters everywhere. I quickly learned that supplies make such a huge impact (and SOOO much practice of course)! 

I ordered my first set of quality calligraphy supplies and sat down, hoping it would at least be better than the first time around. I was honestly shocked how well I did. It was like night and day. In order to help you skip all of those moments of uncertainty and doubt, I put together a list of calligraphy supplies that you need to get started. These are some of my favorite supplies for beginners or just for practicing and I created this list based on the minimal materials needed to get started to show you that it's an inexpensive craft to try if you start with only the necessary materials. Of course you could invest in gold ink, custom pen holders, etc. and easily start racking up hundreds of dollars in supplies but this is all of you need to get started and everything together is under $30 and free shipping (praise Amazon Prime).

Paper - Hp Premium Choice Laser Jet Paper

Pen Holder - Speedball Pen Holder

Nib - Brause Steno Blue Pumpkin Nib

Ink - Higgins Eternal Ink

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